How to Search for A Good Scanner and Actually Find One?


You might have an urgent need for a scanner. The need might be for your small office or your home. Whatever the case, it is seldom a bad idea if you deal with documents.

While you search for your choice of a scanner, keep in mind that the availability of an android book scanner can make scanning books a lot easier.

The simple idea of getting a scanner is easy. The real work comes when it is time to make your choice of scanner that fits the purpose. You probably realized it already.

When you start your search, try not to become overwhelmed with the specs of scanners or drained by the features of the scanners you find.

You need to focus more on what you already had in mind based on the specific requirements and the purpose of the scanner.

Now that you have prepared your mind to focus on the purpose of your search knowing that most scanners have very little value in upgrade difference, what must you check for?

Essential Features to Check Before Buying a Scanner

The Speed

How fast is the scanner? That is the first question you should ask when you see a printer that looks like something you can consider buying.

Even though this is a very popular and important question, you should know that higher speed in the scanner does not guarantee higher output.

It can be impossible to use the scanner at full speed when you are scanning mixed documents. At a point, scanners tend to stay idle.

PPM is the unit in which scanning speed is measured. PPM means pages per minute for simplex scanners. The unit is IPM for duplex scanners. IPM means images per minute.

The Feeds

If your scanner has an automatic document feeder (ADF), it is best to capture your files in batches. This will make the job a lot easier and faster.

The Price

The price of scanners can serve as determining factor when you are buying one. When scanners that seem very close have great differences in price, there is probably a good reason.

Sometimes there is software that is available for the more expensive ones. Oftentimes, the available software makes all the difference.

The Document Size

You need to check the size of the document that the scanner can take. The general scanner document sizes are A4/legal, A3, and some sizes larger than A3.

In practice, it is safer to go for an A3 scanner. This is because, many times, documents that you will get will be non-standard.

You should note that very few scanners can scan documents that are longer than usual. So, if you require such scanners, your search continues.

The Flatbeds and The Feeders

Some scanners come with an auto feeder while others come with a flatbed. Some scanners come with a detachable flatbed. Depending on the kind of work and the space available, it can be a useful feature.

You need a flatbed to scan documents that are bound like books, or some documents that are fragile and do not need to be separated.


Be sure to consider your office space or house space and the number of documents that you can scan to determine the power of the scanner you will buy. The difference is evident in the price.


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