The Different Types Of Knives You Need In Your Kitchen


There are different types of knives available in the market but you do not have to go picking just any knife in the market. Every knife has its own functions. Therefore companies such as Imarku have come up with different knives such as the imarku professional chef`s Knife among others.

Chef’s Knife

Among a variety of knives, there is the chef’s knife usually 8 to 10 inches in length and has a blade rounding at the tip. It is mostly used for chopping and dicing of vegetables and fruits as well as other ingredients like meat. For all chefs this is a must-have tool.

Santoku knife

This is a knife that has some hollow dimples on the sides of its blade. It is mostly used in slicing, dicing and chopping of meat, seafood, cheese, fruits and vegetables. The shallow dimples on its blade’s side help prevent food from sticking to the blade hence easier sliding of food from the blade and reduction of friction.

Pairing knife

This is a short knife usually 2.5 to 4 inches. A paring knife is used for a wide range of tasks but mostly used for peeling, cutting, chopping and slicing fruits and vegetables. It makes a great multitasking tool.

Steak knife

The steak knife comes with a straight or serrated edge and often stainless and is used on the dinner table or in meals to cut through meat such as steak. The steak knife is also used with other meals and various meaty foods. The serrated edge of the steak knife allows to cut through steak with no issues.

Butcher knife

The butcher knife is used for butchering of animal carcasses. It is used to cut or reduce larger pieces of meat into smaller cuts. The butcher knife is slightly heavy and has a long curved blade which makes it more efficient for splitting, stripping and cutting meat.

Bread Knife

Bread knife is a serrated knife used to slice bread. It is normally serrated so as to make it easier to saw through the crust of bread without compressing or distorting the crumb. It is also used with other baked products like cake.

Boning Knife

The boning knife is a knife that has a thin long blade that has a sharp point. The sharp tips help make piercing meat easier and safer. The boning knife is used in food preparation to remove the bones of poultry meat and fish.

Cleaver Knife

The cleaver knife is a thick heavy-set knife with a sharply beveled edge. It is used in butcheries for cutting meat, breaking bones and tendons. It is also used on vegetables and dicing and slicing of other foods.

Fillet knife

This is a knife that is designed for cutting and separating meat from bone and skin especially for fish. It measures between 5 and 9 inches and has as a sharp tip and upward curve along the blade.

Sushi Knife

This is a long and thin knife use to slice, fillet and cut food products like sushi rolls and fish fillets. The knife is preferred as it has the optimal weight and length for slicing through fish without damaging the flesh.

Nakiri Knife

This knife has a broad, straight-edged blade and a square tip. It is mainly used to mince, chop and slice vegetables and also fruits. A standard Nakiri knife blade has 5 to 7 inches.


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