How to Control Pressure in a Self-Retracting Garden Hose Reel


While watering your plants, some need light watering, and others need heavy watering. If you use plenty of water for your plants, they may drown and then die. It is best to regulate the amount of water you use to ensure the best results possible. You need to ensure that you use the right amount of pressure with your garden hose reel while gardening. The self-retracting garden hose reel can help you in regulating the water pressure. This article will help you learn how to regulate pressure in a self-retracting garden hose reel.

Different hose size

There are different hose sizes used for gardening; the most common is the hose with a ½ inch diameter. The 5/8 diameter is used for lighter watering jobs. The other size is a 1/2 inch diameter hose pipe which is used for heavier watering jobs. The 1/2 inch means that it has a higher water flow rate than the 5/8 inch hose. Therefore the ½ inch hose has higher water pressure. Make sure to get a hose that meets your need when shopping. The length of the hose matters; if you want to reach all corners of your garden, you need a longer hose, but if you’re going to get to a shorter distance in your garden, you can use a shorter length.

Low-water pressure situations

Doing your job with low-water pressure means that you will take a lot of time than high-water pressure. Also, low water pressure means that the water flow rate is slow; therefore, you can cover only a short distance and not a long distance. A self-retracting garden hose reel has a positive impact on the water pressure. The self-retracting garden hose reel not only solves the water pressure problem but also twisting and tangling.

Also, the self-retracting garden hose reel helps protect the hose from damage. It also has nozzles that help control the water flow rate, therefore, control water pressure. Another point to note is that you can change the hose size to whatever diameter or length you need, controlling the water pressure.

How does a self-retracting garden hose reel work?

Operating a self-retracting garden hose reel is a simple task. Most self-retracting garden hose reels use a spring for the retraction process. The lock mechanism ensures that you can stop at the hose length that you need. If you have a new hose reel, you need first to install it. Read the manual provided and install the hose reel.

Make sure while installing it that you put the self-retracting garden hose reel near your source of water. After installing, you can start working with it. Tug the hose to whatever distance you want the wait for the hose to lock. Extending the hose length is no rocket science; you walk to whatever Conner of your garden, and it automatically unlocks itself. After you have completed your work, pull the hose lightly for the self-retracting system to work; therefore, it engages in an automatic layering system.


Water pressure is necessary while doing your watering chores. Too low water pressure means that it will take you a lot of time to get the job done. Saving time is essential, as you can use saved time for other works. A self-retracting garden hose reel will not only help you in regulating the water pressure but also help you in saving water.


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