Important Tips to Increase Life of Pressure Washer


Electric Pressure washer is one of the electronic equipment that is the basic need of everyday life to maintain a neat and clean environment. It is used to clean sheds, patio, decks, cars, or any surface inside or outside the house. Along with many benefits of pressure washers there comes a duty as well to keep them up-to-date. The maintenance of a pressure washer is quite an easy task. One has to follow some important tips to increase the life of pressure washer to almost double as compared to the average value. Here in this article, there are a few important things by to take the pressure washer run strongly.

Clean the Pump Thoroughly After Use

There is a simple scheme based on the working of the pressure washer. The washer is connected to a primary source for freshwater supply by means of a pipeline that acts as a path for water supply. The water reaches the main pump of the pressure washer where it gets under high pressure and gets out of it. When the aforementioned process occurs repeatedly the pump gets vulnerable to corrosion due to exposure to water for long period. So, it is advised to flush out the pump after every use.

Change the Damaged O-Rings

If the pump stops working the pressure washer gets vulnerable to catastrophic damage. All the internal components of the pressure washer get stressed under the high pressures of the washer. Most of the times leakage occurs under high pressure when any of the sealing components of the pressure washer gets damaged. O-rings are the components of a washer that perform sealing functions at different connection points in the high-pressure washers. These points include hose connection ports and inlet ports. The O-rings are made of rubber and they break the seal of water when used for longer times. The leakage occurs with the damaged O-rings that can decrease the washer’s life. The damage can be avoided by replacing the O-rings timely.

Use Electric Washers

Regarding the power source, there are two types of pressure washers. The first type belongs to electric pressure washers and the second one is based on gasoline as fuel. It is always preferred to use electric pressure washers instead of gasoline because they require extra maintenance when remained unused for longer times. The stabilizer would likely be added to the tank if not used for two or three months.

Use the appropriate amount of PSI & GPM

The psi and gpm are the most important terms used in pressure washer applications. These terms denote the pressure, power, and flow rate of the water sprayed out of the outlet hose. The ideal, balanced, and correct combination of these terms should be used for cleaning a particular surface. Their values should not be too high to damage your property or yourself. Their combined values should not be too low that they do not even remove the dirt and grim. So, for different surfaces and objects, use appropriate values of psi and gpm, that would clean things effectively.


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