The Difference Between Loose Wave And Body Wave Hairs


Wigs are currently the most popular among wig-wearers and fashionistas. These hair products can be classified according to the type of hair used to make them. However, they can also be classified depending on their curves. In this case, there are loose wave hairs and body wave hairs. This post covers loose wave Vs. Body wave hairs.

What is loose wave hair?

Loose wave hair is the curliest type of hair on the market. This type of hair features a more defined and pronounced pattern compared to other types. It is also easier to maintain, especially if you wish to wear it in curls. This is because this hair can hold its curls for a long time, usually at least a couple of days to a week.

What is body wave hair?

This is the least curly type of hair. However, it cannot be defined as straight hair as it features some waves. Body wave hair requires very little maintenance. It also looks quite attractive and has a natural appearance. Additionally, body wave hair usually curls very nicely and maintains a beautiful appearance when curled. The primary issue with this type of hair is that it does not hold curls for long. This hair usually drops curls quite easily and fast.

What are the similarities between body wave and loose wave hair?

These are two very different types of hair. However, they have some similarities. These similarities include:

  • Both body and loose wave hairs are easy to maintain as they do not need any special treatment or care procedures
  • They both do not fall in the category of straight hair
  • They are both generally made from 100% unprocessed human hair
  • Both hairs are soft, healthy, and highly attractive
  • Both loose wave and body wave hairs can be reused, restyled, curled into varying styles, and colored. This means that you can wear them as you wish.

What are the differences between loose wave hair and body wave hair?

As mentioned before, these two types of hair are pretty different. Below are some of these differences;

  • Loose wave hair is usually more relaxed than body wave human hair, hence the name loose wave.
  • Another difference is that body wave hair is usually composed of an S shape and has bigger waves. On the other hand, loose wave hair is generally very curly as its waves are smaller. Its curl patterns are smaller and tighter.

Which one is the best?

Both loose wave hair and body wave hair are incredible options. They each have their unique strengths and downsides. Therefore, there isn’t one that is better than the other. When choosing between the two, the best thing you can do is consider the style you want and how the hair will flatter your face and look. For instance, if you are fond of larger waves, the best option would be body wave hair. On the other hand, the loose curl hair would be great if you wish to wear hair with smaller and tighter curls.


Other than the two types of hair listed above, there is also regular curly hair. This type of hair is usually considered very high maintenance. This is because it tends to get tangled easily. Regardless, curly hair is usually very attractive.


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