How To Conveniently Use the Garden Hose Spray Nozzle


If you have ever gone shopping for a garden hose, or any watering systemat all, you might have come across a variety of spray nozzles of different shapes and sizes.

The varieties can number into hundreds if there to be counted. The search is tiring and can be made easier if you already had a type in mind. Contact us for more information.

For years, the invention of sprinklers has made the irrigation process a bit easier for those who could afford it.

In the modern-day and age, some people still prefer the old-fashioned way of watering their garden which is with a hose. It is truly not so old-fashioned anymore.

You can say it is not so old-fashioned anymore because innovation and technology have made it impact on hose production and farming as a whole.

There have been upgrades in the hose qualities and even in the hose nozzles. The hundreds of nozzles now have different settings that can be adjusted to the pressure you want as well as many other settings.

Why Use a Garden Hose for Irrigation?

An installed sprinkler system can work, but it does not cover every area that water is supposed to get to. The water hose is a good way to ensure that water gets to all desired corners no matter where is it is.

It could be some part of your lawn or the walkway where the sprinkler does not cover. Remember too that the sprinkler is quite expensive.

If you have beds that have been planted, the garden hose is the best tool for watering them. It is also a way to pass time and inspect your yard.

Now that many settings have been added to the spray nozzle of the garden hose, what is the best way to use it?

How Can You Conveniently Use the Spray Nozzle?

Using the water hose gets easier as you use it. The more you use the spray nozzle the easier it gets. Keep in mind the goal is to water your garden effectively.

For you to effectively water your garden, you need to understand how the settings on the spray nozzle work. in your search for a nozzle, you may find one with up to 3 or 5 or more settings.

the settings on the spray nozzle are used to activate different patterns of spraying water from the spray nozzle with the help of the garden hose.

here are some common spray settings.

· Shower Setting

This setting is a very diverse pattern. And it is very applicable when you need to water your plant beds.

· The Full Setting

This setting is a pattern to dispense water, more powerful them the shower setting. It can be used to reach a greater distance.

· The Cone Setting

The cine setting creates a circle to spray a ring of plants or any reason to spray in a circle.

· The Mist Setting

The mist setting is used to water plants that require a high level of humidity.

· The Flat Setting

This setting allows you to spray water horizontally. It helps you cover a larger but narrow watering area. Usually for plants are in a row.

· The Soaker Setting

This setting is for plants that need to get soaked. This pattern of watering is to be used close to the soil.

· The Jet Setting

The jet setting is a powerful spray pattern that comes out like a jet, fast and with more pressure. This pattern can damage your plants.

It is, however, perfect for flushing dirt and debris from the driveway or any concrete floor and even from the porch.


The spray nozzle has been built into a powerful multipurpose machine to fulfill all your gardening water needs; you should take advantage of the provision.


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