Hose Reel Components And How They Work


A hose reel is a commonly applied mechanism for storing and using hoses. They allow easy access and protection of the hoses. The market features hundreds of hose reel brands. When selecting the best among these brands, most people consider elements like reputation, product quality, and prices. However, it would be wise not to ignore aspects like customer service as well. For instance, a brand offering support 7 days a week would be a great choice. In this post, we look at hose reel components.

The components of a hose reel and how they work

Hose reels, like most products, feature varying components or parts. Each of the parts plays a significant role in the performance of the hose reel and the hose. Below are some of the main hose reel components;

1. Mounting plate

Most hose reels found on the market are usually mountable. This means that you can install them on walls, the floor, and ceilings. However, there are a few portable designs that do not have mounting plates. Instead, mounting plates are used for the mounting process. They are the part of the hose reel that is connected directly to the wall. The rest of the hose components are usually inserted on the mounting plate. Then, a drill is used to mount the plate on a surface.

2. The mounting brackets

These are the parts that are connected directly to the mounting plate. The primary role of the mounting brackets is to ensure that the hose reel is correctly placed in the mounting position. Therefore, the first step of mounting a hose reel is usually getting the mounting brackets in place.

3. The cylindrical hold or wheel

The cylindrical hold is the component where the hose is placed. Most people refer to it as the wheel as it is a more straightforward title. It is also called the wheel because it highly resembles a wheel. The hose is usually coiled on the wheel. Therefore, the wheel serves the purposes of storage and protection.

4. The retraction system

Also known as the driving system, this is one of the essential elements of the hose reel. It is the part that allows for either manual or automatic retraction. The retraction system is usually made up of various other features, depending on the type of retraction method.

  • Manual retraction– hose reels with this retraction method feature a hand crank used to retract and unwind the hose on the reel.
  • Spring-driven retraction– hose reel using this method features a system of springs used to retract the hose automatically.
  • Motor-driven retraction– here, the most retraction system features the motor. Note that various types of hose reels can be used in this case. For instance, there are pneumatic and electric motor-driven hose reels.

5. Stopper

This is the component used to lock the hose in place after pulling the right water hose length. It keeps the hose from going back on the reel, primarily if you use an automatic retractable hose reel.


Note that depending on the type of hose reel, the hose reel can feature more components. For instance, a portable hose reel may feature an added part like a cart.


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