How To Avoid Your Colored human hair wigs From Tangling


The colored human hair wigs are growing in popularity as time goes. One of the trendiest colors is the honey blonde wig. The honey blond wig is beautiful and awesome-looking. But, to keep the colored wig shiny and tangle-free, some maintenance is crucial. This post aims to update you on four things to prevent your colored human hair wigs from tangling.

Why do wigs tangle?

Wigs tangling depend on several factors. Several factors can be whether the wig has been made with color or chemicals or whether the cuticles face the right direction. Therefore, if the hair has been heavily processed with color and chemicals, there are high chances of it tangling. Also, wigs lack natural oils as real hair; therefore, they tangle more. 

4 things to do to avoid your colored human hair wigs from tangling

1. Use the right conditioner or shampoo

The right conditioner or shampoo for your colored wig’s human hair matters a lot. While washing your wig with shampoo and conditioner, it would help to avoid using high ph balanced shampoo or those with harsh chemicals. The shampoo product to use should be sulfate-free and very mild. Harsh chemicals on the colored human hair wig can lead to damage. Therefore, using a shampoo and conditioner with a very low ph-balance is very critical to maintaining your wig. Furthermore, using low ph-balance and vitamin herbs, shampoos and conditioners will help maintain the hair color and look fresh and new.

2. Consider using a hair mask

Using hair masks on your colored human hair wig at least once a week can significantly help your hair stay tangle-free. Not many people have the time for hair masks, but taking at least 30 minutes to put on a hair mask can significantly improve the colored human hair wig. Hair masks are highly potent and quick treatments to hair. They help the hair have low chances of tangling. They also maintain a healthy, shiny, and silky look.

3. Avoid hot tools

Too much heat on the colored human hair wigs is not very advisable. Therefore, constantly curling, blow-drying, or even straightening the human hair wig with too much heat can lead to hair tangling. The best method of drying your wig after the wash is to let it air dry. But if you must use the hot tools on your hair, ensure that you use medium or very low temperatures. You can also opt to use some heat protection to protect your hair.

4. Avoid sleeping with your wig as much as possible

If you wish to avoid tangles from forming in your colored human hair wig, then you can opt to avoid sleeping with the wig as much as possible. The process of turning while sleeping can encourage the formation of tangles. Thus, it would help if you removed your wig and placed it on a wig stand while you go to sleep.


Wigs are not like real natural hair that produces its oil. The lack of natural oil on wigs ensures that they tangle more often. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain the colored wig’s human hair to ensure that they remain tangle-free and keep the shiny new look. Thus, the above few points will help guide you on how to keep your wig tangles free.


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